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I am John Owens, founder of CorpProfit, and a keen reader interested in commerce, technology, IT, and business development. With 45+ years in the IT industry, I have enjoyed helping business owners and managers achieve their corporate goals via new and innovative technologies and services. I’ve always been a passionate reader. and I am happy to admit I have dedicated plenty of time to reading (and now listening to) a wide variety of books and magazines.

I am writing this in August 2020. And quoting McKinsey and Company, “2020 has turned out to be a year like no other in recent memory. One dominated by a global pandemic, destabilizing lockdowns and unending work-from-home weeks. Also, depending on which continent you’re on, upended summer or winter travel plans. Now, we find ourselves at that moment when, even in a pandemic, professional lives often slow-down”.

Accordingly, I am using this site to provide a simple platform to highlight many of the great books available for relaxation and education in the unusual and sometimes uncomfortable times we now find ourselves living in.

Books, Journals and Reviews

CorpProfit is my initiative to utilize my browsing time to collate an impressive list of books, journals, and reviews. It is a way for me to share my thoughts on the subjects I am interested in reading about in, from product development to marketing and sales. Accordingly I hope there’s a review for everyone here. I will even write about traditional bookshops. As well as books that have provided inspiration and much-needed respite from the daily lives of many business leaders.

Readers will also have access to the latest info about new releases and best sellers.

CorpProfit is the easiest way to find the most engaging and exciting business books currently available worldwide. It is a secure site for you to explore, learn, and connect with thousands of business ideas. With easy access via your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or earphones, I will endeavor to make your reading lists more interesting, entertaining, and productive.

I hope you like visiting my website.

Warmest regards,

John Owens

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