Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: Using the Power of Questions

Doesn't Hurt To Ask

Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: Using the Power of Questions to Communicate, Connect, and Persuade

The Number one New York Times Bestseller

Former congressman and prosecutor Trey Gowdy teaches you how to effectively communicate and persuade others on the issues that matter most. He draws on his experience in the courtroom and the halls of Congress.

A must-read for people who want to learn how best to succeed“. Dana Perino, best-selling author of And the Good News Is…

How To Communicate

In summary, you do not need to be in a courtroom to advocate for others. Nor do not need to be in Congress to champion a cause. From the boardroom to the kitchen table, opportunities to make your case abound. And Doesn’t Hurt to Ask shows you how to seize these opportunities. Trey Gowdy walks you through the tools and mindset needed to communicate your message effectively and persuade others. He does this by blending case studies from two decades in a courtroom and four terms in national politics with personal stories and practical advice.


Along the way, Gowdy reflects on the moments when he learned the most about how to argue and convince. He recounts his missteps during his first murder trial. In particular the conversation that changed his view on criminal justice reform, and what he learned while questioning James Comey and Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Sharing the techniques he perfected advocating in law and politics, Gowdy helps you identify your objective and understand your audience. He tells you how to engage in the art of questioning so your audience can hear you, so you can be understood, and ultimately, move others.

Whether it’s getting a boss to take a chance on your idea, convincing someone to support your cause, or urging a child to invest more effort in an important task. Doesn’t Hurt to Ask shows you how to persuade others, no matter the audience, and no matter the cause.

Would you like to learn from this Best Seller, here is the link.


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