Make more sales: How to help more people buy what you sell.

Book cover Make More Sales

Would you like to make more sales?

Would you like build a process that ensues deals will happen? Then you should be reading: Converted: How To Make More People Buy What You Sell.

The ability to turn leads into deals is the foundation of every successful business. Converted offers a tried and trusted framework for achieving this goal, replacing unpredictability and uncertainty with a practical and reliable deal-making process.

This excellent business book by Matt Sykes outlines the ten logical steps you need to master to reduce deal-time and close more deals.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Target qualified prospects and avoid tire-kicking time-wasters.
  • Join the conversation happening inside your customer’s head and pitch accordingly.
  • Guide the sale with meaningful questions that engage and inspire action.
  • Reassure your prospect and eliminate objections.
  • Time your quotations and proposals so that they generate more orders, more often.

For more information or to read the book in Kindle or paperback please use the link: Converted Make More Sales.

Matt’s first book is called Sales Glue: The Vital Ingredient That Makes Sales Success.

You might be able to sell, but do you know how to do it unconsciously?

How many opportunities are you missing because you haven’t yet mastered the link between selling and psychology?

What essential mental, emotional, and behavioral traits make an outstanding sales achiever, and how can you develop them?

How would it feel to create unconscious sales competence so that successfully closing a deal becomes inevitable?

Specifically written for those in selling who are seeking to progress. Sales Glue includes over 30 proven selling tips and improvement strategies. Plus advice from some of the very best from the world of Performance Improvement and Selling. Read and apply what’s inside this transformational book to:

•Understand the direct link between how you think and how to sell.
•Harness the way your brain naturally functions to add more prospects.
•Leap beyond just building rapport and learn how to influence.
•Set ‘smart’ goals that lead to totally bankable sales results.
•Lock onto a proven sales process to transform your results for good.

This book is your first step towards finding the vital ingredient that allows sales skills to stick and makes selling success a habit.

This book is also available on Amazon books to read for free using Kindle Unlimited or you can purchase the paperback by using this link.

About The Author.
Matt Sykes is a sales trainer, author, podcast host, and public speaker. He has clocked up over twenty years of sales experience across a variety of B2B roles. His mission is to transform common negative perceptions into positive ones that recognize exceptional salespeople as a force for good, proud of their profession, and helping more people buy with confidence.

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