The World’s Leading Management Consultant

About Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker is the world’s leading management consultant and has authored several books on acceptable management practices. This book is written by one of his students to distill Drucker’s ideas in one book. Not surprisingly, the book provides an overview of Drucker’s life, focusing on his time after migrating to the US.

The main emphasis is on his interactions with his students and clients. Subsequent chapters discuss management philosophy drawing from Drucker’s ideas.

Consulting Drucker has a total of seventeen chapters.

The first three focus on Drucker’s life, the breaks he got, and the challenges he overcame. Chapter 4 discusses a successful consulting business’s characteristics based on Drucker’s experiences and those of the author. After that, the next eleven chapters focus on Drucker’s management principles were critical drivers of any organization.

These chapters tend to start with a general theory and develop it further via examples and anecdotes that probably came from several different sources.

While there is mention of Drucker’s contribution to these principles, it is sometimes difficult to recognize which portions of Drucker’s contributions are from the author and contemporary management literature. However, in applying these principles, it may not be necessary where these concepts originated.  However, from a historical perspective, these distinctions do have relevance. Finally, the last chapter focuses on ten critical observations the author believes explains why Peter Drucker is the leading management consultant.

Consulting Drucker concludes with an appendix that reproduces articles written by managers or management consultants about Drucker.

Peter Drucker’s book is easy to read

The narrative is easy to read, and most chapters are around fifteen pages long. Readers may come away, feeling that there are just too many examples and anecdotes for each point made. However, there a summary of the main points at the end of the management theory chapter. These would help those who want to ensure they understood all significant aspects presented in the chapter. Most readers are likely to flip through some examples and may not read the book in order. Given the book’s organization, it permits this kind of reading.

The world’s leading management consultant

Peter Drucker is world’s most famous and successful independent consultant. Indeed he is known as “the father of modern management”. Drucker’s methods remain highly relevant in many of today’s organizations.

Reviewed By: Muhammed Hassanali writing for the San Francisco Book Review.

For more info or to order a copy of this fantastic book please use this link: Consulting Drucker.

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